[Samba] Printing to a windows printer

LinuxUser jkliment at cta-rj.com.br
Tue Aug 26 02:23:45 GMT 2003

Dear friends,

I have been wrestling with this for 3 days now, unsucesfully, and that is why 
I ask for your help.

I have a network composed of 1 linux server, 1 linux desktop, 2 windowsXP and 
1 windows 98.

The printer (Epson Stylus C42ux) is connected to the WindowsXp machine.
I have Samba and CUPS installed and (apparently) correctly configured at the 
Linux server (Mandrake 9.1).

I am able to access shares in the Linux Server (/home) from the Windows XP 

Now here comes my problem. I want to be able to allow both the Linux server 
and the Linux desktop to print to the Windows XP printer.

The printer is shared as EPSONSty.

Some info:

Machine                 ip

I tried to set this up using the CIPS web based configuration utility 
(localhost:631). I managed to create the printer, and CUPS says it is all 
good to go.
I send a test page and nothing comes out of the printer. Checking the 
/var/log/cups/error_lo I find:
Unable to connect to SAMBA host, will retry in 60 seconds...

This keeps happening and nothing comes out of the printer.

So I started some troubleshooting:

smbclient //windowsxp/epsonsty
password: ****

the response:
tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME

hmmm.... Checked the /etc/hosts file and it is in there. IT IS the onlyu 
machine by that name in the network...

Now if I try:
smblient //

I get:


Works! I can "print <file> " and it prints...

I am at a loss, it should be simple. 

Any ideas?

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