[Samba] RE: PDC + LDAP + W2K-SP4 Domain logon

Sam samseaver at northwestern.edu
Mon Aug 25 16:54:22 GMT 2003

bjorn.padding at ifsaudiovisueel.nl wrote:

>This is strange that it worked for you, because testparm tells me that
>if you use "wins support = yes" && "wins server = <wins server IP>" at 
>the same time, then smbd would not start. Anyway, I tried and it doesn't 
nono you need to read what i said:

>> changing WINS support = yes
>>to WINS server = 'ip address', i got the domain thing to work. I kept
>>getting the same error you did.

i said 'changing', you cant have both WINS support (this makes Samba THE 
WINS server) and WINS server (this delegates the WINS support elsewhere).

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