[Samba] Re: net ads join domain

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Mon Aug 25 12:39:40 GMT 2003

Greetings ...

> When I used the command "./net ads join -U ADMINISTRATOR" it asked 
> me for the password, after I entered the password it came back 
> with a responce of:
> [2003/08/22 08:53:16, 1] libsmb/clikrb5.c:ads_krb5_mk_req(267)  krb5_cc_get_principal 
> failed (No credentials cache found)
> [2003/08/22 08:53:16, 0] Libads/ldap.c:ads_join_realm(1292)
> Host account for <computername> already exists - deleting old 
> account 
> Joined <computername> to realm <DOM.AIN.NAME>
	First, have you tried "kinit -V ADMINISTRATOR@<DOM.AIN.NAME>" ? Should auth fine, unless you have incorrect details.

	Second, the last meassges almost sounds like you have been joined fine ... seems funny.


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