[Samba] Profiles to be stored to another samba server

shaf sum io_freak at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 25 08:47:51 GMT 2003

since last week i am struggling with profiles of W2k &
XP profiles.  Here is my architecture.  

clients XP, Wk2 --> Server Authentification
If authetification is good, then a drive is mapped to
another Samba server acting as a fileserver only.  

I want that when i get connected from my W2k & XP
clients, all their profiles(Desktop, menus, icon
etc...) need to be stored in the fileserver and not in
the Authentification server.  

I have create a share for the profile on the filserver
having the permissions 0777 and chown root.root

When i connect from the W2k & XP clients, i am able to
authentificate myself but i cannot write the profile
to the share of the fileserver.  

Your helps will be much appriciated. Thanks  

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