[Samba] User directories and groups usage

Cor Lem builder at bulky.ath.cx
Sat Aug 16 12:33:30 GMT 2003

At 12:28 14-8-03 -0700, you wrote:
>Actually, now that I look at what I was writing, I feel pretty embarassed 
>I did not double check my work in a haste to post the message and run to a 
>It does look silly really: 770 and 440. :/

so is my anwer - I made an error too - (

>Normally, i'm much more fluent with permissions. I was teseting out a few 
>things with my samba server recently and had some ideas floating around in 
>my head.
>What I wanted to do is make sure any files that are newly created in users 
>/home/<user> directory have a specific group assigned to it ( force group 
>= <group>)
>as well as certain permissions for the user and group.
>However, I do have one question:
>What is the difference between create mask and create mode? Are these two 
>similar? Nevermind, they are synonyms. :)
>Now, if I wanted to set certain permissions on newly created directories, 
>wouldn't I use directory mask or directory mode? For instance:
>directory mask = 0660

correct - see below ...
(only 660 wil result in a directory which may NOT be entered (not executable))

>>>    force create mode = 770
>>This would make a file readable, writable AND executable for user/group 
>>owning the files
>>I would use:
>>create mask = 660
>>This wil not make files executable.

create mask is for FILES

>>>    force directory mode = 440
>>This would make the directory readable only - not executable, so you 
>>can't see what's in it and its not writable.
>>I would use:
>>create mask = 0770

my error - I ment directory mask

directory mask is for DIRS

this should be
directory mask = 0770

>>To better understand this have a look at:

Hope this clears it up,

Cor Lem

Next time, pls reply in the group - tia

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