[Samba] smbclient

ggrov7 at eq.edu.au ggrov7 at eq.edu.au
Mon Aug 25 00:29:24 GMT 2003

I have pam, mit kerberos, openldap and samba3 beta. Samba was installed with smbwrapper, dce-dfs, ads, smbmount, pam, libsmbclient, acl-support, windbind, krb5 and ldap options.

i have tested mit kerberos, i have joined the samba server to the domain and have run nmbd smbd and winbindd.

When I test samba with smbclient -L <samba server> -U <ANY USER ON DOMAIN CONTROLLER>, I then enter the correct pasword then linux comes back with a error of: session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE.

If I use the smbclient and specify a local user on my samba server, it works. If I enter no password it works. I also have another samba server (call it samba2) currently used by the network (the samba server is to replace it), if I use the samba server and smbclient like before to the samba2 server, using a samba2 local account name, it works. 

I need the samba server to authenticate users from my DC. Why am I getting this error, in the smb.conf it has realm = <DOMAIN>, security = ads, windbind use default domain = yes, encrypt passwords = yes, password server = <dc.domain>. As well as many more options. Can someone help me to get my samba server to authenicate to the win2000 DC please.

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