[Samba] Re: SID Calculation

paul k paul at subsignal.org
Sat Aug 23 18:36:17 GMT 2003

Jarabe wrote:
> I guess my question stems from the following situation. I have in LDAP
> a uidNumber of 1001. The only way i am able to get samba imformation
> populated into ldap is to change passdb backend from ldapsam to
> smbpasswd then create a samba user, then change passdb backend back to
> ldapsam, then finally use pdbedit to import from my smbpasswd file
> database. 
This is definitly not the way to go. If your setup is right you should 
be able to add a user via smbpasswd -a to ldapsam like any other backend.
> This seems sad I know but I cant seem to do it anyother way.  I guess
> i could turn off schema checking in ldap but that would defeat the
> purpose of schema checking...
Don't think this is related to your problems. If your samba.schema loads 
without errors and "schemacheck" is on, everything should be allright.

> This is why I need to know how to do a sid calculation as far as I can
> tell it takes the uidNumber multiplies it by 2 and adds 1000.  The
> problem with that is my uidNumbers for users are 1000, 1001, 1002 etc
> and the machine account sids are conflicting with the 1002, 1003 users
> because of the order I added them in.
Sorry but sounds like bad design. If you can't change the machine 
account, recreate the users in a sane way.
> Therefore can I just change the way sids are calculated for the
> machines so that it is different than the way it is done for users?
> Thanks,
> Spencer 


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