[Samba] Roaming Profiles

Mike Samba samba at astroshapes.com
Sat Aug 23 02:42:43 GMT 2003

I'm hoping someone can help explain this...

I am running Samba3.0RC1 on Redhat 9.0 as a PDC.  A quick run down of
the symptoms:

When connecting to the PDC from a Win2k machine with an account that
does not currently have a profile on the PDC, Win2k creates the profile
directory of the PDC.  When logging off the Win2k machine, all contents
are pushed into the profile stored on the PDC.  Works great!!

This gets real screwy.  If I then log back on to the Win2k machine with
the same account, everything is normal.  If I create a Folder and a Text
file on the Desktop and then log out, again they are pushed to the PDC
profile.  Still working great!!!

Now, if I log in again, the folder and text file are on the desktop (as
expected).  If I delete both the folder and text file and then log out,
the text file is deleted from the profile on the PDC, but the Folder is
not!!!!!  When I log back on to the Win2k machine, the text file is
gone, but the Folder remains!!

Here is how I have my profiles share set up:

        path = /somepath/profiles
        browseable = Yes
        read only = No
        writeable = Yes
        create mode = 0700
        directory mode = 0700

When I first log into the Win2k machine, the profile directory shows the

drwx------   13 stevem   domusers     4096 Aug 22 10:46 stevem

Here are the permissions on the /somepath/profiles/stevem/Desktop path:

drwx------    2 stevem   root            6 Aug 22 10:20 New Folder
drwx------    2 stevem   root            6 Aug 22 10:20 New Folder (2)
drwx------    2 stevem   root            6 Aug 22 13:09 xyz

These are never deleted from the profile after they are deleted from the
Desktop.  I have even set rwx permissions across the board and they will
not delete.

Anyone have any suggestions?  The log files don't show any issues on the
samb end.  It's like a permission problem, but the user can create the
profile, add items, but not remove directories.


Mike Samba

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