[Samba] a solution to the semaphore timeout.

listes h_list at urbanet.ch
Fri Aug 22 21:18:59 GMT 2003

I would like to say a big "thank you" to Gerald "Jerry" Carter, as he posted a long time ago the solution to the semaphore problem when using win2k to connect Samba.

As I searched this mailing list for a solution to this problem, I noticed that many people had this same problem, but no solution appeared. So I post this solution again, because I'm sure more people will encouter this error and the post of Jerry can be missed easily in the mass of posts here.

If, when using win2k when trying to connect a samba share, you encounter a message error saying "semaphore timed out", then check your DNS. If "route" answers much slower than "route -n", then you probably have a bad route somewhere that makes the semaphore time out.


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