[Samba] This is an alert from eSafe Relay 1

eSafe_Relay1 at quintiles.com eSafe_Relay1 at quintiles.com
Fri Aug 22 20:47:10 GMT 2003

*** Anti-virus protection at Quintiles(2.2) has detected possible
hostile content and has blocked delivery of this email message.
The intended Quintiles recipient has been notified that your
message could not be delivered intact. ***

Time: 21:47:10 8/22/2003
Scan result: Mail modified to remove malicious content
Protocol: SMTP in
File Name / Mail Subject: /opt/eSafe/eSafeCR/SPOOL/1061498891
Source: samba at samba.org
Destination: michelle.coutinho at quintiles.com
Details: document_9446.pif  Msg #705 - The file type pif,APPLICATION/OCTET-STREAM is on the Restricted List.

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