[Samba] restriction on workgroup name length ?

Joerg.Thomas.Vogt at Sun.COM Joerg.Thomas.Vogt at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 22 14:49:20 GMT 2003


I have a Windows 2000 Domain Controller serving the domain


    workgroup = emea.corpdir.net
    security = domain

nmbd show the following errors: 

  register_name_response: Answer name EMEA.CORPDIR.NE<00> differs from question name EMEA.CORPDIR.NET<00>.
[2003/08/22 16:29:42, 0] nmbd/nmbd_nameregister.c:(73)
  register_name_response: Answer name EMEA.CORPDIR.NE<1e> differs from question name EMEA.CORPDIR.NET<1e>.
[2003/08/22 16:29:46, 2] nmbd/nmbd_nameregister.c:(182)

and it's not possible to join the domain.

Is there any limit on the length of the workgroup name and if yes
why doesn't samba take care about that ??

Cheers, Thomas

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