[Samba] Re: Samba PDC + WinXP = problems fetching remote profiles

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Fri Aug 22 13:34:34 GMT 2003

> But when i tried to log in with that very account 
> from another machine, i got Win hanging up for about 
> two minutes and blaming approximately the following 
> way: "Windows can't log you on with local profile,
> using temporary profile. Changes done to this 
> profile will be lost after you log off" (phrase 
> `local profile` seemed strange to me, but Win really 
> does what it should do, except not down/up loading 
> the profiles). After the message disappears or i hit 
> OK, Win loggs in normally, downloads logon.bat and 
> seems to behave fine, but the profile is really 
> removed after log off.

Many problems result in this message. One is you need
a [profiles] share with a subdir named after each 
user. That user needs to have full access to it,
for example 0700, belongs to user:users. You also need
a [netlogon] share even if you don't use it. Try
this scheme:

      logon path = \\samba-srv\profiles\%U
      path = /some-existing-path/netlogon
      write list = ntadmin
      browseable = No

      path = /some-existing-path/profiles
      valid users = %U
      read only = No
      browseable = No
      inherit permissions = No

Sometimes an already existing profile is the problem.
Try removing it (save it first for reference) and 
logging in afresh.

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