[Samba] Samba-delay (timeout??)

Spaceman Spiff spiff2 at frisurf.no
Thu Aug 21 23:00:01 GMT 2003

I have an infrequent problem that sometimes when I'm accessing files on my
samba-server, it happens from time to time that the client computer appears
to hang for a limited time. Say 20-30 seconds. It doesn't matter if it is a
small file .TXT file or a large DivX movie. This has happened to me with
different versions of samba, and I first suspected that it might be
power-saving on the server. But the powersaving is turned off, and even if
it was the reason, it shouldn't take so long to power up a couple of disks.
I've also wondered if it might be some sort of DNS lookup that samba
attempts, but fails (because there is usually no connection available to a
DNS server.)  That might explain why it takes so long before it continues.
Now I have removed all references to any DNS server, but this phenomena
still occurs. I guess having no DNS-server configured would make Samba/linux
to just skip any DNS lookup.  Are there anybody out there who has
experienced something like this?  Hints are welcome! :)

-Spaceman Spiff

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