[Samba] replication fails from while using smbpasswd

jawed abbasi jabbasi at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 22 04:42:25 GMT 2003


I have Master and Slave setup. 

if I use passwd to change user unix password on my Slave, replication works. 

My slave server is also Samba server. 

when I use smbpasswd to change samba password change only goes to Master but replication to slave fails. *.rej file is created on master in replica dir, 

which says my replication dn has insufficient access.here is *.rej file 

ERROR: Insufficient access
replica: pcNavYkfSupp1.ykf.navtechinc.com:389
time: 1061512050.0
dn: uid=jabbasi,ou=Ykfpeople,dc=navtechinc,dc=com
changetype: modify
replace: uid
uid: jabbasi 

following is my ACL on Slave 

access to dn=".*,dc=navtechinc,dc=com" attr=userPassword,ntPassword,lmPassword,gecos
by dn="cn=Manager,dc=navtechinc,dc=com" write
by dn="uid=replica,ou=ykfPeople,dc=navtechinc,dc=com" write
by self write
by * auth 

access to dn=".*,dc=navtechinc,dc=com" attr=mail
by dn="cn=Manager,dc=navtechinc,dc=com" write
by self write
by * read 

access to dn=".*,ou=ykf,dc=navtechinc,dc=com"
by * read 

access to dn=".*,dc=navtechinc,dc=com"
by self write
by * read 

This is my replicatio setup on Slave 

updatedn uid=replica,ou=ykfPeople,dc=navtechinc,dc=com"
updateref "<ldap://pcNavYkfSupp2.ykf.navtechinc.com/>" 

Does anyone know why? 

while my ldap.conf uses this dn to bind cn=Manager,dc=navtechinc,dc=com , and smb.conf also binds same dn

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