[Samba] smbcacls will not connect to Windows 2003 server

Matt Seitz seitz at metadata-systems.com
Thu Aug 21 21:52:38 GMT 2003

The Samba 3.0-RC1 "smbcacls" utility is reporting an error when I ask it 
to display the security information of a file on a Windows 2003 server:

  [root at demo5 bin]# ./smbcacls --user=SEITZDNSDOMNAIN\Administrator 
//seitzwin2003/Documents test.txt
  params.c:OpenConfFile() - Unable to open configuration file 
          No such file or directory
  signing_good: SMB signature check failed on seq 1!
  SMB Signature verification failed on incoming packet!
  failed session setup with NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
  cli_full_connection failed! (NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE)

The "smbclient" utility works fine:

  [root at demo5 bin]# ./smbclient -WSEITZDNSDOMNAIN -UAdministrator 
  ./smbclient: Can't load /root/samba/debug/lib/smb.conf - run testparm 
to debug it
  smb: \> dir
    .                                  DR        0  Wed Aug 20 15:33:56 2003
    ..                                 DR        0  Wed Aug 20 15:33:56 2003
    desktop.ini                       AHS       62  Mon Jul 28 06:36:43 2003
    test.txt                            A        9  Wed Aug 20 15:34:15 2003

                  65389 blocks of size 65536. 31222 blocks available
  smb: \>

Is this just my error, a known problem, or should I report it to bugzilla?

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