[Samba] Browse lists on large network

Vladimir Trebicky trebicky at xhost.cz
Thu Aug 21 10:40:10 GMT 2003


   I have a large network with linux (or OpenBSD) routers which all
   run samba servers. There are also win95,98,2k and XP clients. I
   didn't completely understand BROWSING-Config.txt. Eg.:

   (clients1) --- (ROUTER1) --- (clients2) --- (ROUTER2) --- (client3)
                  (ROUTER3) --- (clients4)

   How should I set those routers? I hope one of them should be DMB,
   others LMB. But I don't know which combinaction of config paramters
   should I use:

          which one should be the WINS server? should be also the other
          routers WINS servers?
                  (which options? wins support, wins server...)

          should I use remote browse sync and/or remote announce? On
          which routers I should set those and how?

   Why Win2k and WinXP refuse to accept samba master browsers? They
   sometimes accept their browse lists but when i do "smbclient -L
   winxpclient", it always says that IT (itself, the winxp client) is
   the master browser...


Vladimir Trebicky

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