[Samba] Thank you!

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Wed Aug 20 20:56:50 GMT 2003

--[This is an automatically generated email notification.]--

      M A I L W A T C H   V I R U S   A L E R T !

You recently sent a message containing a known virus - 
W32/Sobig.f at MM (ED).

The message was sent on 8/20/2003 4:44:25 PM.
The subject of the message was: 
Thank you!

The message was sent to the following recipient(s):
irf at EasyLink.com

One or more of the recipients listed is a MailWatch customer.  As a result, their copy of the message has been quarantined in a special confinement area at MailWatch and can only be released by their system administrator. 

This message is only meant to serve as a notification that your message was not delivered to all of the designated recipients.  No action is required on your part. Please note, however, that the detection of a virus in a message you sent may be an indication that your computer system has already been compromised by a virus.  

Violated Policy:Virus - Inbound

Virus W32/Sobig.f at MM (ED) found in attachment your_details.pif. Remedial action (clean virus) requested. Message delivered.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you check your entire system to determine the extent of this viral infection.

For more information detailing how MailWatch can be used to protect your Internet email from unwanted solicitations, large or specific types of attachments, viral infections, and inappropriate content please visit our website or contact MailWatch at the number listed below.

NOTE: This is an automated email notification.
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Message ID: 323274665000000003-3-304250001

MailWatch has scanned your e-mail message and determined it can not be delivered as originally sent.  MailWatch can help you avoid these problems in the future by scanning your e-mail for viruses, Spam and objectionable content.  Visit http://www.MailWatch.com to read about the benefits of MailWatch.


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