[Samba] My Workgroup eventually disappears when I enable SAMBA!

Richmond Dyes rdyes at monroehosp.org
Wed Aug 20 17:21:02 GMT 2003

Did you ever get an answer to this question. I  am having the same problem.

Jamie Risk wrote:

>When I enable Samba on my Linux box, the workgroup "Workgroup" eventually
>disappears from site in both the GUI "Network Neighbourhood" and at the
>W2000 cmd line "net view". It takes a little while for this to happen, and
>initially it works well.
>The Linux Box information can be found at the url below. But a short
>description of the setup is as follows:
> * Network is roughly 10 or 12 machines in a mixture of W2000 and W98 with
>    one Linux box.
> * Windows machines are assigned IP addresses by a router/hub serving as our
>    DHCP server with 24 hour leases (longest available, though the IP
>address doesn't
>    tend to change)
> * The Linux box IP address is *static*
> * Samba version 2.2.7a
>Attached is the smb.conf file.
>- Jamie

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