[Samba] Windows 2000 Permissions problems

Murray Robert-rmurra01 robertmurray at motorola.com
Wed Aug 20 15:17:38 GMT 2003


I have just setup a samba 2.2.8.a  server as a Member Server in my Windows 2000 Domain.
I want to use the security=domain option (see smb.conf below)...

But when I view the Windows permissions through the Windows security dialogue window there a 2 Major Issues.

One: it identifies all users as......                 user1  {LIATH223\user1} 
instead of                      .........		user1 {user1 at dom.dd.com}

where "dom" or "dom.dd.com" is our Windows 2000 domain, and LIATH223 is the hostname of the Samba server !

Two: When I try to "add" a user to the files permissions, it allows me to browse through the list of users, ADD, select the exact permissions,
BUT, when I click "apply" or "OK" it removes the newly added user !

Heres my smb.conf file

        workgroup = DOM
        security = DOMAIN
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        password server = domaincontroller
        username map = /var/lib/domainuser.mapping

        comment = Home Directories
        valid users = %S
        read only = No
        browseable = No

One final question I have is regarding the format of the domainuser.mapping file, 
is it

user1 = DOM\user1
user1 = \\DOM\\user1
user1 = dom\user1       ???

Any help would  be greatly appreciated!


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