[Samba] Samba 3.0 as ADS server member

Gul Seda Unal unalgu at itu.edu.tr
Wed Aug 20 09:14:49 GMT 2003

I've a problem like;
I have configured my smb.conf file for security=ads mode and krb5.conf is also 
OK.I'm sure because I've tested it with kinit command it works well.but when I 
try to see the shared files with smbclient I've got 2 different problems.
1st is whenI use -k parameter to run it with kerberos the error is 
2nd is when I use smbclient without -k it asks for password I enter it but it 
gives an error like "service setup failed" 
in mu opinion the problem may be about "encrypt password" parameter in 
smb.conf because of "encrypted passwords have been enabled by default in order 
     inter-operate better with out-of-the-box Windows client 
     installations.  This does mean that either (a) a samba account
     must be created for each user, or (b) 'encrypt passwords = no'
     must be explicitly defined in smb.conf.

but I am not sure..
I have a line "encrypt password=yes" in smb.conf!!

 thanks for help

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