[Samba] One more try : include files and smbmount - now I'm on the list

Martin Peter Hanke - DIERS International GmbH hanke at diers.de
Tue Aug 19 18:25:37 GMT 2003


I have a problem and I don't get to the point. I have a Samba3.0.0 RC1
Server running, my problem is I include different %g_smb.confs for each
group loging in to the server. The first problem is it takes up to 30
secs in my testing environment until the shares are shown (All Clients
are XP).
If the user loging in has specified his credentials in a seperate file
he will have remote directories smbmounted to his smbhome under dir1 and
dir2. If I try to access those directories from Linux after smbmounting
them all is fine, but they are shopwn but not accessible under win.

My logfile shows the following error:
smbd/service.c:make_connection(844): couldn't find service [username]

The users home dir is in the included conf file, might this be the problem?

Many thanks,


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