[Samba] Joining samba-2.2.x to a domain.

Sævaldur Gunnarsson addi at root.is
Tue Aug 19 15:48:49 GMT 2003

A little background info before I begin.

I'm using samba-tng as a PDC (netbiosname 'TITANIUM' and the domain 
'FOO') and samba-2.2.7a as a fileserver (netbiosname 'HAILSTORM') on the 
same machine. (different interfaces)

The PDC is all set up and I've joined several windows 2000 clients and I 
encounterd no real problems.

But all the files on the samba-2.2.a server are owned by HAILSTORM\addi 
but not FOO\addi

titanium /etc/samba# smbpasswd -U root -r -j FOO
Joined domain FOO.

titanium /etc/samba# smbclient //hailstorm/sameign -U addi
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Domain=[FOO] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.2.7a-security-rollup-fix]
smb: \>

So it looks like samba is joining the domain correctly.
But everything on the hailstorm server is owned by HAILSTORM\addi and 
not FOO\addi

What can I do so everything on the hailstorm fileserver is owned by 
FOO/<user> and not HAILSTORM/<user>

With best regards.
Sævaldur Gunnarsson

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