[Samba] LDAP arrangement for machines

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Aug 19 13:13:12 GMT 2003

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On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Nick Urbanik wrote:

> Dear Folks,
> Now trying to get Samba 3.0.0 RC1 up and running only with LDAP, as PDC.  I am
> using openldap 2.1.22-5 from rawhide on RH9.  pbedit was able to migrate the
> user accounts to the existing posixAcounts in LDAP (nice!) but not the machine
> accounts, which had no pre-existing entries beyond the top-level entry
> ou=Devices.
> Since the sambaSamAccount is auxiliary, it needs a structural objectClass to
> work with.  What structural objectClass should samba add?

Should just use the account objectclass.  

> Do I need to write a script to add the machine accounts?

There are a lot of ways to solve your problem.  Writing a script is one of 

> I thought of a hierarchy like this: ou=People, and ou=Group and ou=Devices under
> the root of the hierarchy, then under ou=Devices, have entries with the
> objectClasses device and sambaSamAccount.  Is that the intention?

You could.  See the 'ldap machine suffix'.  Be aware that there is a bug 
that requires the 'ldap suffix' to be defined first if you are using 
something like

	ldap suffix         = dc=plainjoe,dc=org
        ldap user suffix    = ou=people
        ldap machine suffix = ou=devices

And make sure to not use quotes since this is another bug :-(  Sorry.

> How does the "adding a machine" operation work with LDAP (or how is it intended
> to work)?
> The HOWTO seems not to explain these points, or have I missed it?

The LDAP docs are a little outdated for 3.0.  I'll try to update them
before RC2.

cheers, jerry
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