[Samba] add user script

Beast beast at setuid.com
Tue Aug 19 12:21:12 GMT 2003

Tuesday, August 19, 2003, 7:01:18 PM, Mark wrote:

> Hi all-

> Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their input.  The problem,
> unfortunately, isn't solved yet.  I did try adding a new group with guid
> of 100 but that didn't work (thanks though, Glenn).

> Also, I'm not using ldap for authentication, could that be a problem?

> I know I can add the accounts by issuing the same command at the command
> line, which makes me wonder if, for some odd reason, Samba isn't able to
> run useradd as root.  Any ideas?

Which version? if 3. get the latest beta. according to jerry this has
been fixes, but i'm not test myself.


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