[Samba] WINS problem browsing subnets

David Kruger David.Kruger at irrrb.org
Mon Aug 18 19:35:47 GMT 2003


I am having some trouble with browsing accross subnets using WINS.  Each subnet has a RedHat 9 box running Samba 2.2.7a which is configured as the LMB.  WINs support is enabled on one of the systems which is configured as the DMB.  I have browse list sync enabled on each of the LMB computers to sync with the DMB.  When browsing using Network neighborhood I am able to see in the list of computers all of the computers on the 3 subnets that have shared resources, but when trying to connect to any of these computers I get a network path not found.  I checked the DMB browse.dat file which is where all of the computer names are showing up, but in the wins.dat file it has only the computers listed that are on the same subnet as the DMB.  If I manually add the IP and NetBIOS name of the computers to the hosts file on the DMB then I am able to browse the computer.  Is there a way to get all of the browse list entries to be added to the WINS list automatically?


David Kruger

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