[Samba] Linux, Win 2000 & passwords

Wuren Li liwuren at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 17 23:28:13 GMT 2003

  I'm a new Samba user, and despite reading books, man files and
web pages for a couple of days, I can't get my linux and win2k
machines hooked up.  I have a Red Hat 9 machine that 'Len'
uses, and a win2k machine that 'Wendy' uses, that has internet
access.  I want want Len and Wendy to be able to copy each
other's files, and of course want the linux machine to get
internet access through the win2k machine.
  At this point, I'm having trouble with passwords.  In order
to use addsmbuser/smbpasswd, I have to first use
useradd/passwd .  However, on the Linux machine, this
would make a home directory for Wendy, which I don't
want to do.  I just want Wendy to be able to copy Len's
files.  I'm guessing that perhaps I have to have some
sort of guest acess, but I can't use smbpasswd on 'guest'.
There must be a simple solution, but I can't find it.
Please help!
  Also, for Len to access the win2k machine, he is prompted
for a username/password.  What do I do on win2k to specify
the username/password?
  Once this is set up, should I use the Red Hat 'internet
connection wizard' or settings in smb.conf to access the
internet connection on the win2k machine?
Thanks in advance for all suggestions

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