[Samba] Can't map drive automatically after reboot a Windows XP

Power Wong power at base23.com
Sun Aug 17 15:41:50 GMT 2003

Hello, all,

	I am a newbie in Linux.
	My samba is running in Red Hat 7.3. A Windows XP Home edition client can map a Red Hat shared folder. But after reboot the XP, login with username and password (I have created the user account in RH), the mapped drive has a red cross appeared and when I double clicked it, it will ask me to enter username and password again. After entered, I can access the shared folder. This does not happened on another Windows XP Profressional client by using the same user account, it will re-connect the mapped drive automatically after reboot. Is it a bug of XP? Or I need to set something in the client?

Best regards. 

Power Wong
power at base23.com

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