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Sun Aug 17 01:13:56 GMT 2003

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> | RH Linux 9 on AMD k6-2 500
> | Using HP deskjet 930c on USB
> | Samba version: 2.2.7a
> | cups version: 1.1.18
> |


> If you look up the files mime.convs and mime.types in
> /etc/cups, you'll find out that the lines beginning w/
>   #application/octet-stream ...
> have to be uncommented so that you don't need to 
> specify -oraw in the print command.

I cannot thank you enough - and I'm not surprised it was so simple.


> You haven't read Kurt Pfeifle's excellent HOWTO on 
> CUPS, Samba and Windows, have you? Google it up.

No - I did look for such a thing - all I had gathered was that
it was "forthcoming" - is it listed in the list of HOWTOs on
I will google it as you suggest

> There's only a small rub that since about 2.2.6 there
> are 2 nasty little bugs in rpcclient utility which
> make it impossible in most cases to use the automagic
> way. There is a fix but it was only checked into 
> 3.betas so you need to apply the fix to sources and
> build samba if you want to use samba as printer server.
> You can find the patch file as attachment #62 to bug
> #82 at the following URL:
>     https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=82

I will bear that in mind - I think for the moment I will stick to  a manual
install of drivers - we only have 5 clients (incl win98, winXP and wfw3.11)
and I'm used to doing manual installations of drivers when they all used
to print to the XP machine.

again, thank you lots, and apologies for not consulting the HOWTO first...

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