[Samba] CUPS/Printing

matt matt at fire-flash.net
Fri Aug 15 21:14:25 GMT 2003

RH Linux 9 on AMD k6-2 500
Using HP deskjet 930c on USB
Samba version: 2.2.7a
cups version: 1.1.18

Hello - I have had a good look on this newsgroup - and what I've picked up I
think is allowing me to ask
these questions more intelligently. I've also had a good look at the CUPS
documentation aswell as the
Samba documentation.

1. Am I correct is assuming that CUPS only likes postscript, and to print to
a non postscript printer
you have to use filters?

2. I have set up my HP deskjet 930c on RedHat 9 with cups. It prints just
fine. However I cannot use the
share from Windows machines using a 930c driver. I get this error in the
cups error log:
E [14/Aug/2003:00:20:24 +0100] print_job: Unsupported format
I [14/Aug/2003:00:20:24 +0100] Hint: Do you have the raw file printing rules

So, is enabling raw printing a good idea, and if so - how do I do it (for
ALL jobs)
Using a lower driver such as deskjet 560c or digital turboserver 20 (a
postscript driver) works fine
(but for obvious reasons this is not ideal).
Selecting "print directly to the printer(raw)" in windows gives the same
error (I didnt expect that to

3. I've read a lot about people enabling autodownload of drivers and the
many problems they are having.
I'm afraid I don't properly understand the concept. Are these just normal
Windows drivers? If so what
would be the point for me as the 930c drivers don't work.
Are there special CUPS windows drivers that know how to send something that
is 930c ish but not an
octet stream. I've read references to installing special drivers in windows
but I haven't understood
what is going on.

Apologies if these questions sound stupid - I have included below the top
bit of my deskjet.ppd file
that I think Red Hat has generated. This (apparently) provides lots of info
on the ppd in use and
printer languages and so on.

Any help would be very very much appreciated


*FormatVersion: "4.3"
*FileVersion:   "1.1"
*LanguageVersion: English
*LanguageEncoding: ISOLatin1
*PCFileName:    "HPIJS.PPD"
*Manufacturer:  "HEWLETT-PACKARD"
*Product:       "DESKJET 930C"
*cupsVersion:   1.0
*cupsManualCopies: True
*cupsModelNumber:  2
*cupsFilter:    "application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 cupsomatic"
*ModelName:     "HP DeskJet 930C, Foomatic + hpijs"
*NickName:      "HP DeskJet 930C, Foomatic + hpijs"
*ShortNickName: "HP DeskJet 930C"
*PSVersion:     "(3010.000) 550"
*PSVersion:     "(3010.000) 651"
*PSVersion:     "(3010.000) 652"
*PSVersion:     "(3010.000) 653"
*PSVersion:     "(3010.000) 704"
*PSVersion:     "(3010.000) 705"
*LanguageLevel: "3"
*ColorDevice:   True
*DefaultColorSpace: RGB
*FileSystem:    False
*Throughput:    "1"
*LandscapeOrientation: Plus90
*VariablePaperSize: False
*TTRasterizer:  Type42

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