[Samba] Re: Simple question on Wins...

Matthew McCarty matthew at rareearthstrategies.com
Fri Aug 15 18:28:42 GMT 2003

Depending on your netowrk of course it may not matter which you use if 
you are going to just have one WINS server.  If you are going to have 
more than one, use Win2k - because Samba does not support replication, 
etc. of WINS servers.

Just make sure your client machines point to the right WINS server.

Jason Williams wrote:
> Just something I thought about today really.
> Since I am running samba 2.2.8a as a PDC on my network and all of my 
> workstations for my clients are Windows 2000 Pro, would it be better to 
> set up the PDC to run as a wins server? wins server = yes
> I was just curious because I found some documentation on the wins server 
> option, but for the most part, it was glossed over with real no 
> explanation. Granted, I know what wins purpose is, but would like to 
> find out more about better implementation in my network..
> Thanks.
> Jason

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