[Samba] My Experiences

Kevin Smith ksmith at perfht.com
Fri Aug 15 18:36:56 GMT 2003

Hello all.

	About two years ago I told a friend I was wanted to build a server for my
SOHO, he handed me this cd with Redhat 6.2, which he spoke of highly. So I
installed it, which was akin to learning a new language by listening to two
people talk. The command line was no foreign to me since I had years of
experience with SODS, but with the exception for the dir command, Linux was
a whole new world.
	So in I dove, head first, having to install over and over again since I
wasn't experienced enough to fix it yet. I turned to the 'net, is so,
finding these mailing lists. These, with the combined knowledge and
experience of many minds, helped me more than they know. Im still no expert,
but I am much better at troubleshooting my server (RH) and getting things
back on track, much to the excitement of my Teenage Step -Daughter and Wife.
No my server is running Samba as a PDI with the only snags being my constant
tweaking and upgrading.
	My point? Linux (whatever flavor) is like anything else, a constant
learning experience, treat is as such. One of the most important things is
your ability to hang on and not get discouraged when "it just doesn't
work!". Search and research until your fingers fall off and your eyes pop
out, only ask here when you have enough information so it looks like your
trying to learn. These folks are not here to fix it for you, that costs, but
to point you in the right direction based on what they did to solve the
problem,   and don't just answer back "it didn't work" Like the users, the
systems are unique, so one solution may not be appropriate for another
system, but a part of it might fix ya right up.

Just keep moving forward and learning all you can. Windows is good for those
who don't like to tinker much, but you wouldn't be messing with this if you
didn't, would you?

Just my, well about .05

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