[Samba] Advice on setting up a PDC.

Kendall Whitlatch whit at dubhlinn.com
Fri Aug 15 16:01:04 GMT 2003

Thanks for the info. I think I've got it set up correctly. (after I
ran smbpasswd -a <username>)

Now that I've got it configured, I'm going to set it up in his office
and see if I can log in to the domain.

One thing... I noticed that smbd and nmbd are not running at boot up.
How would I go about setting that up?
Best regards,
 Kendall Whitlatch
 mailto:whit at dubhlinn.com

Friday, August 15, 2003, 8:51:42 AM, you wrote:

JW> Hello.

JW> Here are a few places to start:

JW> http://hr.uoregon.edu/davidrl/samba/

JW> http://www.mandrakesecure.net/en/docs/samba-pdc.php

JW> http://www.linux-mag.com/cgi-bin/printer.pl?issue=2002-02&article=samba

JW> Those links should get you going.
JW> For the most part, it wont be to difficult to get the samba server up and 
JW> running and acting as a PDC. It will take some testing and tweaking, but it 
JW> should get you up and running pretty quickly.

JW> I run a PDC here at our company that hosts 40+ users who are all on Win2k. 
JW> I've heard that XP can pose problems with samba, but im not sure exactly 
JW> what the problem is.

JW> I hope this helps.

JW> Jason

JW> At 11:29 AM 8/14/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>>I have been asked to set up a Linux Samba file server as well as set
>>up user-level access control for a medium sized real estate agency.
>>Currently, the office is a on a single workgroup and there is only one
>>UID for all users.
>>The owner wants to set up individual accounts and server spaces for
>>each agent. Until I can convince him that converting everyone to Linux
>>workstations, I have to support the Win2K/XP clients.
>>I was thinking that I should set up a Samba PDC for account/access
>>control and file services.
>>I have experience in both Linux and windows, but don't have much
>>experience in making them work together. (I've set up a Samba server
>>in SHARE mode, but I need user/server security.)
>>Anybody willing to do a little hand-holding on this?
>>Best regards,
>>  Kendall Whitlatch
>>  mailto:whit at dubhlinn.com
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