[Samba] Frequent crashes - drives me nuts .....

Wolfram Quester wquester at mittelerde.physik.uni-konstanz.de
Fri Aug 15 12:34:17 GMT 2003

Hi Peter,

> Might it be possible that a windows box is sending bad packets which 
> make samba die ? We have a suspicion that samba always dies when a 
> certain Win 98 box logs in to the Workgroup.
> It's strange that the system runs rock solid during the day and always
> dies in the morning.

To me this looks like a cron-job trying to restart samba, cleaning /tmp
or /var/run or ...

Perhaps SuSE wants to use inetd, but you want to start/stop samba via 
an init-script...?

Does the Win 98 box run an at-job at a certain time?



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