[Samba] Problems with Email after logging into Domain

keith Williams ikw38 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 15 12:28:10 GMT 2003

For sometime I have been running Samba 3.0b2 and with help of John T is running very good. 
Last night my vendow$ computer blew up on me- I tried to change the drive letter from "f" to C and it did not like that and no matter what I did it would not boot back in to the OS.
Nice going M$.
Anyway I loaded XP and it joined the Samba Domain so easy it was scary.
But the one glitch I have is that I can recieve email from SBC just fine but I can not send.
It says that the address I am trying to send it too - my self ikw38 at sbcglobal.net is not correct?
Is there a setting I need to set in the server so that I can send my email out?
I can see my shares on the server perfect. Like I said I think it thought I was logging into a windows domain.
Can anyone help me out here?
Thanks for your help,

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