[Samba] Windows Network

Gleb Paharenko sambagleb at cme.kiev.ua
Fri Aug 15 10:48:25 GMT 2003

Hello EvryBody!
I recenly setup a samba 2.2.8a on my box
It works as PDC for workstations with Win2000
also it is a WINS server 4 them
but when i open the MyNetwork shortcat on my desctop
i can't see any machine except the domain controller
and when i type \\machinename it appears in the window
and then disappiars when i logout
all shares i can get by MapNetworkDrive
samba has 
OS level 64
prefered master yes
local master yes
domain master yes
remote announce = Mynetwork
a also has in my network several Windows Adwansed
Servers as standalone servers
may be they conflicting with samba in browsing
in log.nmbd i see
===NOw Samba a local master
(so it wun the competition with windows machines)

May be problem in my firewall
what should i accept?

What's the problem?
Help me please !
With Best Regards

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