[Samba] User directories and groups usage

Cor Lem builder at bulky.ath.cx
Thu Aug 14 19:18:27 GMT 2003

At 10:30 14-8-03 -0700, you wrote:
>Morning everyone.
>I was playing around today with our PDC setup.
>One thing I noticed is that when I setup users to have their 'My 
>Documents' directory be /home/<user> everything works well.
>One thing I noticed is that the directory, subdirectories and files have 
>the owner of the user and the group as per assigned, and permissions as 700.
>If I wanted to set it up so a specific group would get assigned the group 
>for everyones /home/<user> as well as specific permissions, would I need 
>to add something like the following to my smb.conf, under the homes section:
>    comment = Home Directories
>    browseable = no
>    writable = yes
>    force group = daffy
>    force create mode = 770

This would make a file readable, writable AND executable for user/group 
owning the files

I would use:
create mask = 660
This wil not make files executable.

>    force directory mode = 440

This would make the directory readable only - not executable, so you can't 
see what's in it and its not writable.

I would use:
create mask = 0770

>Which should set the group to 'daffy' for all files and directories 
>created as well as set the new files with 770 and new directories as 440.
>That look about right?

nope - see above - may I ask how you got to 770 and especially 440 ?

To better understand this have a look at:

Cor Lem

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