[Samba] Server-side printer settings?

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Thu Aug 14 05:34:33 GMT 2003

Chris Nolan chris at itoperations.com.au

> Thu Aug 14 10:30:35 GMT 2003
> Hi all!
> I have a situtation that I want to get happening:
> We have just installed a colour photocopier with duplexing at a client's 
> office. We're looking to have four printers pointing at this one device, 

I guess you mean four print*queues*...

> with the following settings (one for each printer):
> 	* Black and White
> 	* Black and White, Duplexed
> 	* Colour
> 	* Colour Duplexed
> My question is, can we have server-side settings for this sort of thing? 

Yes. See


My question is, do you know which Unix print sub-system your Samba
server relies on? Do you mind telling? Do you know which kind of
client Windows OS there are using this Samba server?

> My reading of the rpcclient man page says that servers can contain 
> settings, but I would like to be able to do the following:
> 	* Specify which users can modify the settings for themselves and 	 
> those that can't

Every user can modify settings for themselves.

> 	* Specify which users can update the server-side settings

Users listed in the "printer admin" setting of smb.conf (plus root)
can modify the server-side settings.

Server-side settings are used as defaults, in case users don't
specify or change user-side settings.

> 	* (If possible but highly unlikely) Specify which parts of the 			 
> printer settings can be modified in the first case

Not possible.

> All responses that make me smarter welcome!

Depending on *what* *exactly* you want to effectivly achieve by
having different user groups access different parts of the
printer admin, there might be workarounds. It would involve
the editing of the printer driver's PPD, to remove options that
are not meant to be user-selectable (and leaving only the one[s]
which should be used). F.e. your "Black and White" queue would
not have a "Colour" option, and your "Colour Duplex" not a
black and white and simplex one. Of course, your users would
still be able to switch queues if they wanted the other option
in printing. (You could fiddle with the access to the queues
too, of course),

Smarter now?            ;-)

> Regards,
> Chris


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