[Samba] RE: Can't find samba server after new NIC installed

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Wed Aug 13 17:17:34 GMT 2003

| I'm using Redhat 8.0. I can't understand why that 
| would be the case since it's been working fine 
| before the eth1 was put in. I think I need to dig
| into it more and look into your idea..

You're very short on details. My samba server is
connected to a backup server via a crossed GigaBit
cable. Their addresses on that LAN are class C, & 2. Both computers can communicate with 
each other also through "normal" FastLAN cards with 
regular corporate IP addresses in a class B network, 
but for the sake of speed I use the G-LAN names and 
addresses to backup the main server at about 40 MB/s, 
enough to keep the LTO2 mostly streaming.

So, you know, it does work perfectly. If you can
describe your setup in more detail, perhaps someone
will know what your problem is instead of guessing
whether you have firewall on or off.

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