[Samba] Connection problems between Samba and windows2000

mylangam eleswara rao mylangam at yahoo.com.au
Wed Aug 13 02:58:36 GMT 2003

Hi!!! Samba greate Members

I installed Samba version 2.2.5 on Redhatlinux.8 to
make network with windows 2000. Telenet on port 139 is
working ok beween the linux and windows machine. I can
see workgroup Icon on windows machine. when I click on
to access linux machine, it comes with a message
stating that workgroup is not accessible. I try the
following command on linux.

#smbclient -L srver1   (Where server1 is the host name
of my linux machin)

Response is

Can'tfind include file /etc/samba/smb.conf.
added interface ip = 192.168.02 bcast=
nmask =
sessio request to server1 faild (not listening to
calling name)
session request to SAMBASERVER faild (not listening to
calling name)

Can some greate person  help me to come out of this
problem. Please email : mylangam at yahoo.com.au


Rao E Mylangam

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