[Samba] Administrator account: For Windows 2000 and Samba

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Tue Aug 12 20:43:29 GMT 2003

I know i've asked this before, but I was unable to get a clear response on 
how this works exactly.

As I said before: The Administrator account on Windows machine is there by 
My question is, can I add a Administrator account to samba and make sure 
they are part of the Domain Admins group to ensure that I can still use the 
administrator account to do certain functions on my clients computers?

For instance, the 'Run As' feature as well as logging into the computer as 
the administrator.

I am in the process of testing this, but I wanted to make sure that this in 
fact will work, or if there may be any related problems.

I appreciate the input.

BTW, anyone know the link fo the PDF for Samba 3? I know its still in 
progress, but i'd like to grab an updated version.

Thank you.


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