[Samba] Re: Plea for Help with Slow Roaming Profiles

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue Aug 12 18:47:50 GMT 2003

| I've posted a couple of times about this problem.  
| This is a plea for help with Roaming Profile 
| configuration.
| The short problem is that logging on and logging off 
| takes about ten minutes, with a fresh roaming 
| profile (~1MB), on a 100Mb LAN.
| If anyone has any suggestions or pointers or 
| questions, *please* pipe up. I'm all out of ideas.

In the past it was always some detail of network
configuration that caused such problems. Your WINS is
not correctly set up, your DNS is not correctly set up,
your wires are leaky or pass by big electric motors,

Try it another way. Connect just one client with your
server with a crossed cable. Do you still have the
problem? Then do some ethereal sniff and see what is
causing it. Else, connect more clients via a switch.
What happens then? Etc. It's always network.

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