[Samba] Howto released: Using OpenLDAP on Debian Woody to serve Linux and Samba users

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Tue Aug 12 13:51:45 GMT 2003

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> Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 01:17:35 +0200
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> Subject: [Samba] Howto released: Using OpenLDAP on Debian Woody to
> 	serve Linux and Samba users
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> Hi everyone!
> I'd like to finally announce "version 1.0" of my (unofficial) LDAP-Howto
> "Using OpenLDAP on Debian Woody to serve Linux and Samba users":
> http://homex.subnet.at/~max/ldap/
> I hope it may be of help to somebody.
> Of course, I'm always glad to hear about your opinion, additions,
> corrections or any other kind of add-ons.

I notice that you do reference the mandrakesecure.net articles (since
it's down, you may want to link to my personal copy, which may however
be slightly out-of-date, my last edits were sent as diffs ... but is
accessible here:


There are a number of issues I addressed which you missed (even though
you pulled some things straight from it) ...
- -it is possible to set it up that machine accounts are created on the
fly, in fact it can be setup such that non-root users can do join
machines and have accounts added, which is how we default on Mandrake
(by good file permissions). It was not covered in detail, since the
packages are setup to work out-the-box.
- -you should not need to edit the files from migration-tools
- -I would seriously reccomend samba-2.2.8a over previous releases, since
password changes from a BDC work (this only started working in 2.2.8
IIRC), but of course Debian doesn't have packages :-/

Anyway, I think it would be better to improve the samba docs in respect
to LDAP setup, unfortunately I won't have time to do anything myself for
at least 6 weeks.


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