[Samba] very big files

Christoph christoph at scheeder.de
Tue Aug 12 07:24:46 GMT 2003

sorry to correct you but:
1.) current kernels 2.4 support large files up to something arround 4 TB 
on x86,
2.) to get large file support on linux you need at least a glibc-2.2,
version 2.1 does not support files larger then 2gb.
3.) samba since 2.2 autodetects at compiletime if your system is 
large-file compatible. You don't need any patches anymore.

whoever wrote:

> are you running on x86 platform? if so, you really should have seen 2 GB
> file cause that's the limit of kernel.
> there's a patch for that but i can't find it anywhere. so like you, i stuck
> in it too. i planned to copy my minidv files to samba serers. those files
> are 13GB each.
> what a pity. let's wait for kernel 2.6.
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> From: "Tomas Charvat" <eaglecz at tiscali.cz>
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> Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003 3:06 PM
> Subject: [Samba] very big files
>>greeting guys
>>i just mounted my w2k shares to my linux
>>i wated to copy some huge files (63Gb 1 file ) to my linux box, but i see
>>only 1G of that file and it
>>realy copy only 1 GB ...
>>do you have any tip ?
>>tomas charvat
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