[Samba] ADS and Winbind - ldconfig error

C.Scheeder christoph.scheeder at scheeder.de
Tue Aug 12 07:03:30 GMT 2003

this is not samba related, yust ignore it for now.
(libpgtcl.so belongs to postgres, so something with your
postgres-configuration/ installation is broken)

ggrov7 at eq.edu.au wrote:

> I have been installing samba3.0 on debian to authenticate users from a 2000 server (AD). Using the samba3.0 how to document I have compiled and installed OpenLDAP, libkrb5-dev, krb5-user and samba3.0. When going by the how to, I get to the stage of typing "/sbin/ldconfig -v | grep winbind" and linux responds with a error of "/sbin/ldconfig: cannot stat /usr/lib/libpgtcl.so: No such file or directory". It is a link to another file so I deleted the link and recreated it and it did the same thing. So then I copied the executable file to the /usr/lib directory and it still had the same problem.

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