[Samba] Slow Windows XP shared browsing.

Patrick Gunerud slu at firerun.net
Tue Aug 12 03:15:55 GMT 2003

Have you tried to disable the WebClient service on the XP clients?  This 
is a very common problem of having the WebClient enabled.  No one seems 
to pick up on it.  Disabling the WebClient solved my problem of slow 
connects to shares from an XP client.


Matthew Scarrow wrote:

>I've got this problem on xp machines where when you are trying to browse a
>shared drive it takes a realy long time to view it but once you have
>connected your off and running. Is there a way I can get this to speed up.
>People are complaining that there system is freezing when the try and browse
>the shared folder. They just don't give it enough time to get connected.
>Anyone got an answer for this. I've tried updating to the latest version of
>samba but that didn't fix the problem. Thanks for any help.
>Matthew Scarrow
>ComIT Solutions Inc.
>Paris: 519-442-0100
>Brantford: 519-750-0933

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