[Samba] Different Printer Model for different Arch

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Mon Aug 11 19:17:20 GMT 2003

Here is a problem I posted to HP's forum on the DesignJet drivers for the
755cm, but something tells me someone clever here has already hacked
around this or a similar printer and might know how to solve my problem:

When installing drivers on a remote Samba server (ie. Windows NT
emulation, and perhaps real NT as well), you are able to install printer
drivers for a printer for various architectures. The requirement, however,
is that the model string for each driver be the same. However, HP has "HP
DesignJet 755CM (3198B)" for the Windows 9x driver, and "HP DesignJet
755CM(3198B)by HP" for the Windows 2000 model string. I hacked the
OEMSETUP.INF to make the Win2k model string identical to the '9x model
string, but apparently this broke the paper sources in your driver. I
removed the driver, restored the stock Win2k model string (with the "by
HP") and the driver started working again.

The problem, then, that remains unresolved is that HP has improperly
labeled one of their drivers. To work properly in an NT environment, one
needs to be changed and re-released.

Anyone have a workaround -- I'm not holding my breath for a driver

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