[Samba] A question about Samba as a PDC, Windows 2000 and the user 'Administrator'

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Mon Aug 11 17:52:48 GMT 2003

Morning everyone.

I was doing some thinking this weekend about a couple of things. Basically, 
about the use of the account 'Administrator', the default account for Win2K.
Our setup:

Samba 2.2.8a with LDAP on the backend, running as the PDC.

What I was curious about is how to effectively use the 'administrator' 
account, (the default administrator account that is used on Windows 2000) 
for my Windows 2000 machines that are on my network.
For instance, I know I can log in with a normal user, but, what about if I 
wanted to log in with the administrator account? Also, if I wanted to use 
the 'Run as' feature that comes with Windows 2000?

Would it be best to just add an account called "administrator" to the 
domain admins account? I already have a 'root' account that I use to join 
machines to the domain. Should I just add the administrators account to the 
domain admins account? Will this let me log in effectively with 
administrator privileges to my Windows 2000 computers as well as use the 
''Run as" feature?

Thanks everyone.


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