[Samba] Re: What kind of performance can I expect on this setup...

Failed Access mdonovan at edwtech.com
Mon Aug 11 16:43:12 GMT 2003

Was gonna mention that looks pretty swift just for a PDC and an app.
Our current pdc (serves 50ish users) its a dell poweredge 350, 128mhz, 1 
  20gig ide. Plus it's an NT PDC (yuck!). As such it's one of those 
machines I ignore.

Our main fileservers are poweredge 4400 933mhx*2, 512mg mem 6 36gb scsi.
Samba 2.2.8 shares which look at the nt machine. One server has three 
oracle database, homes share, executables share, logs, sales, marketing 
and ops shares... the other has a samba 2.2.8 sharing documents, common 
(holding our apps that everyone uses), pvcs. Then it also has cvs, lotus 
domino server and a further 3 oracle database...
Only real problems are memory related. (Big surprise)

So I'd say whizzzzzzzz you have more than enough spare machine to play 
with!  (Your box sounds alot like the new 2550's we got in 'cept they 
had two processors and their doing combined database/application stuff). 
You should have lots of fun playing with it!

On another note how is the POINT thing going?


jonlists wrote:
> Not to be rude, and I'm fairly new at this, but I've pretty much noticed 
> that you're not going to get answers without answering specific questions. 
> You have a nice, hefty server. You have plenty of RAM. I have 20 people 
> using file sharing on much less stellar stuff than this without 
> performance issues. The server I have is also running a "gob" of other 
> processes, i.e., DNS, DHCP, Lotus Domino, PPP server. 
> Jon Johnston
> Creative Business Solutions
> IBM, Lotus, Microsoft Consultants
> http://www.cbsol.com
> 952-544-1108 
> samba-bounces+jonlists=cbsol.com at lists.samba.org wrote on 08/07/2003 
> 01:18:55 PM:
>>Running Samba 2.2.8a as a PDC, which will service about 40 people.(grow 
> to 
>>about 60-70 by end of the year)
>>They will also be accessing shares on the server from a program.
>>Server is:
>>Xeon 2.8ghz
>>2gigs of RAM
>>3 320 SCSI 36 gig drives: setup in RAID 5 with 70 gigs of room
>>Running on RH 7.3
>>Swap is 2048 (Was highest I could set it for 7.3)
>>Anyone wanna take a gander and tell me what to expect? Any problems I 
> may 
>>run into? What they would change, update etc.
>>Thank you.
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