[Samba] DID IT! - Samba 2.2.8a+LDAP+PDC

Scott Phelps sphelps at idgways.com
Sat Aug 9 07:03:40 GMT 2003

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 06:50, Beast wrote:

> Aaah, glad to hear that there are some people that are confident enough to handle
> this beast :-)

Samba and LDAP really are not the beasts.  Its the freakin' beast
Windoze that you have to stay up late trying to figure out what makes it
tick  under the hood.

> Keep posting, and it will be good to anyone if you make a
> documentation/howto for this setup.
> Thanks!

Yea, the documentation on setting this up leaves a lot to be desired and
a lot of room for trial and error. :)

I plan on writing a detailed howto on how to do the whole migration
properly soon.  


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