[Samba] "Too many open files" error

Michael Keightley Michael.Keightley at quadstone.com
Fri Aug 8 15:40:01 GMT 2003

We have a Sun E450 running Solaris 8 and Samba 2.2.8a as our domain controller.
We have had no problems with Samba until earlier this week when we have started
to get lots of these errors in log.smbd:

[2003/08/08 16:29:14, 0] lib/debug.c:(348)
  Unable to open new log file /home/samba_pearl/var/log.smbd: Too many open file s

This has been happening once a day, at the same time some users are not able to
print from their PCs (the machine also controls printing via Samba and Cups).

Any idea what could be going wrong?

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